Community „Family XT”

Who we are and what we want
We live ourCommunity[within the Vineyard Biberach e.V.
and the Vineyard DACH
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland)]
as an extended family "Family XT", where people from different cultures and nationalities are welcome. We love to worship God and experience the transforming power of God's love expressed in forgiveness, reconciliation and service to others.
In our dependence on the Holy Spirit, we Do things,In the context of the "Jesus in our lives" program that our heavenly Father has prepared for us, we want to introduce people in our area (Biberach district) who do not yet know Jesus personally to him. In our community we want to learn about Jesus from the Bible and follow him. Should our community multiply, we have nothing against it.
Our next "Family XT" meeting

Wednesday, 24.07.2024, 19:00 h

Unterreute 9
88441 Mittelbiberach

Get rid of burdens - "talk about it"

There are things that weigh us down. Things that we can't seem to get rid of and where we can't see a solution. It's good to talk to someone. Maybe even with someone you don't even know.

If you would like to have such a conversation, simply make an appointment with us. You can talk to us either by phone (anonymously if you prefer) or in person, in private or with us as a couple, at a neutral location or over a coffee in our home.

Waltraud & Horst Schlittenhardt

Dates on request -Contact us

The next Vineyard Biberach praise meetings

We organize these meetings as Family Breakfast Praise Meetings.

Bread rolls, jam, cheese, coffee, tea and bottled water are provided. If anyone wants to contribute something special to the buffet, they are welcome to do so. Please bring your own crockery and cutlery (as we do not have use of the kitchen).

Sunday, 21.07.2024, 10:00 a.m.

Haldenweg 9
Catholic parish hall
88400 Mettenberg

Sunday, 29.09.2024, 10:00 a.m.

Haldenweg 9
Catholic parish hall
88400 Mettenberg

Sunday, 27.10.2024, 10:00 a.m.

Haldenweg 9
Catholic parish hall
88400 Mettenberg

We also recommendParticipation in one of the church servicesin our city.

"FAITH IS SPELLED "R-I-S-K" (FAITH IS SPELLED "R-I-S-I-K-O")" - We believe that the call to be the body of Christ involves stepping out of our comfort zones. At the Vineyard, risk-taking faith is welcome.

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